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Bursaries Available to Study BA in Digital Marketing and Communication


If you are interested in marketing then the smart thing to do is to study Digital Marketing. Because the way the world is going soon all marketing will be digital marketing! You could study a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing and Communication with Inscape - and the even better news is that bursaries are available!


If you are interested in study a BA in Digital Marketing and Communication, or a Bachelor of Design Specialising in Ideation Design, then there's good news for you! Bursaries are available now to study these accredited degrees with Inscape!

Who is Inscape?

Inscape Education Group is the oldest privately-owned multi-disciplinary creative arts institution in South Africa and is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training.

The Inscape Scholarship Programme was established in 2014. To date, the Institute has awarded in excess of R11 million in scholarships.

For 2021 alone, Inscape will be contributing R1 million to members of The Knowledge Trust to further their education.

The Scholarship Challenge

Are you ready to study up for a challenge?

Inscape Education Group in partnership with The Knowledge Trust is awarding up to R1-million in scholarships to individuals pursuing a career in Ideation Design or Digital Marketing & Communication.

What's the catch?

  • Students must meet the minimum requirements for admission to the Bachelor of Design specialising in Ideation Design or the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing & Communication.
  • Applicable to students enrolling for full-time contact learning ONLY.
  • Scholarships funds include partial or full tuition fees as well as the possible provision of the first-year study pack.
  • Scholarship funds exclude monthly consumables, insurance on devices, transport, transfer or resubmission fees and accommodation.
  • The Scholarship is only available to candidates who are looking to complete their first tertiary qualification.



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