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South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) Bursary 2019

Are you planning to study for a degree or diploma in Electrical or Computer Engineering? South African Institute of Electrical Engineers is offering Bursaries and Scholarships to qualifying students.

South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) Bursary 2019

The SAIEE has the following options available for suitable candidates who intend to study for a diploma or degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering at a South African tertiary institution:

 The SAIEE Education and Bursary Fund

The SAIEE awards a number of bursaries each year. Monies made available from these funds are used to finance a certain number of bursaries annually, as well as funding the existing bursaries. 

These bursaries are awarded subject to the general rules and conditions of the SAIEE bursary scheme. 

The frequency of award, and the period for which it is tenable shall be decided by the SAIEE in its absolute discretion.

SAIEE President's Scholarship

The Past Presidents Forum of the SAIEE awards prestigious scholarships which is a premium award for under graduate study at a South African University.

This scholarship will be awarded each year, depending on the availability of funds in the Purse, for a maximum of four years of study.

The scholarship should cover tuition, accommodation, books and subsistence allowances.

These bursaries are awarded subject to the general rules and conditions of the SAIEE President’s Scholarship program.

The amount of the scholarship will be determined at the time of offering.

Selection Criteria

The main criteria applicable are academic merit which should be evaluated by taking the following aspects into account:

  • Academic achievement and results which must include the following subjects; Mathematics, Physical Science and English or Afrikaans.
  • Matriculation symbols to be a minimum of a “C or 60” for Mathematics and Physical Science and a “D or 50” for languages.
  • Application from previously disadvantaged persons with poor socio-economic backgrounds must be carefully evaluated and the demographics of South Africa taken into account.
  • The financial situation of the parents or guardians as well as single parents must be considered.
  • Other extra-curricular activities.
  • Preference should be given to applicants who have successfully completed either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year/semester of a degree or diploma, this should however, not preclude deserving applicants with good matriculation results.
  • The distance of an applicant’s residence from preferred institution should also be considered, as the SAIEE bursaries cover only tuition and books.
  • Application from dependents of SAIEE members are to be given preference in the final selection process.
  • As far as is practical bursaries will be awarded each year to new applications in accordance with the demographics of the Engineering Fraternity in S.A.


Opportunity Closing Date: 
Tuesday, October 30, 2018


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To all students and scholars alike, the Motsepe Foundation is proud to announce that its opened for applications for its bursary fund.

Limpopo Province experiences a shortage of qualified Engineers, technicians and other needed scarce skills to establish, maintain and manage government office building, efficiently.

If, you are a practising attorney or candidate attorney, you wish to apply for a bursary for further study at a South African University this is your opportunity to apply for a bursary.

The HORTGRO Bursary Scheme is funded by HORTGRO as well as AgriSETA and Deciduous Fruit Industry Development Trust.

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