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SABMiller Technical Trainee Opportunity


Do you have a B-Tech Qualification? Do you have a tertiary qualification in Mechanical/Mechatronics or Electrical Engineering?  SABMiller is offering a 18 month trainee opportunity.

SABMiller Trainee Opportunity

The packaging technical trainee programme is a structured 18 month programme which is designed to address the acquisition of technical skills and experience for graduates as well as familiarise them with the company culture and principles.

The rigor of the programme should ensure that an individual that has completed the programme can be allocated an area of responsibility immediately.

Competence Requirements Minimum

  • B-Tech Qualification -Mechanical/Mechatronics or Electrical Engineering 2 years Packaging

Experience Advantageous Output and Accountabilities

The Technical Traineeship is primarily a hands-on, self-study program where the Trainee is expected to gain a full understanding of the theory, principles and operation of Packaging equipment across the Packaging Hall. Participation in projects in Packaging aligned to the program requirements and brewery priorities. Apply VPO principles Diagnosis of systemic and situational problems and troubleshooting Participation in Packaging team structures including acting roles in identified leadership positions within Packaging. Communication of learnings and solutions across various levels of the business


Opportunity Closing Date: 
Friday, November 15, 2019
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