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Chartered Accountant (CA) Graduate Training Programme

RisCura graduate programme

As a new graduate looking for a chartered accountant (CA) training programme, the options out there can seem a little daunting. Where you do your training is going to be the foundation of your working career and choosing the right fit for you is important.

RisCura Graduate Programme

For CAs in the making, the right training programme is crucial

In the past, landing a traineeship at one of the “Big 4” auditing firms was the ultimate goal for most students looking to become CAs, however some students may be questioning whether the ‘traditional’ approach is still best-positioned to provide them with the skills they’ll need for the future.

The three questions below may help you figure out whether you’d be well suited to a non-traditional path in your accounting career:

Is innovation expected?

An innovation mindset is not for everyone, but for those who enjoy finding new solutions for new challenges, the old ways may be stifling. “If you often find yourself asking ‘How does it work, and why does it work that way?’, you may have an analyst’s mindset rather than a typical accountant’s,” says Heleen Goussard, head of unlisted investment services at RisCura.

Do you want to find a niche? 

The predictable, rote aspects of auditing will be the first to be affected by Artificial Intelligence, and these are often the tasks delegated to trainees at big firms. Being exposed to a wider range of work in the first years of your career will enable you to find a niche sooner. “Having specialist knowledge and skills is one of the best ways to set yourself apart,” says Goussard.

Who will you learn from?

A key question to ask yourself is ‘who will I learn from?’ What does the management structure look like, and will you be able to access senior executives to gain insights or bounce ideas off? “Doing your training at a smaller, non-traditional firm will provide greater access to people at all levels of seniority, whereas the ‘Big 4’ tend to have firmly established hierarchies,” says Goussard.

Opportunities at RisCura

Global investment advisory and financial analytics firm, RisCura, is now offering accounting graduates the opportunity to do their chartered accounting training in the exciting world of investments.

Working at RisCura offers a unique 360 view of the investment industry due to their diverse client base, from asset managers, to private equity investors and Africa’s largest institutional funds.

RisCura offers a dynamic working environment alongside some of the brightest investment minds, known for being industry pioneers. The flat management structure and open-door policy ensures that teams are easily accessible to bounce ideas off and offer support.

Once their training is complete, graduates will be well-equipped to step into the exciting, ever-changing world of investments.


Opportunity Closing Date: 
Wednesday, October 30, 2019
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