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Marketing and Advertising Learnerships

Red and Yellow,

You’re invited to take part in a 1-year Learnership Programme designed for you to earn an NQF Level 5 National Certificate in Advertising. It will be a combination of training and workplace experience.

A Learnership is a work-based route to a qualification, comprising of both structured practical on-the-job experience (where the business comes in) and structured theoretical training (where the accredited training provider comes in). They are important because they measure success in terms of actual skills that the Learner (you) acquires.

What do you get out of it?

From matriculant to in-demand Graduate in 1 short year! You’ll earn yourself an NQF Level 5 qualification and become a workplace-ready Graduate with in-demand skills.

You’ll also be paid a stipend between R1500 and R4500 per month for the full 12-months.

Do I qualify and when does it start?

If you have a Matric Certificate (and no other qualifications), a great looking CV AND you’re under the age of 35… then you’re good to go.

Our Learnership starts 18 November 2019, at our Paulshof Campus (Cambridge Commercial Park, 22 Witkoppen Rd Johannesburg).



Opportunity Closing Date: 
Monday, November 18, 2019
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