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Red & Yellow Opens Bursary Applications For 2018

Red & Yellow is offering a limited number of bursary opportunities has just been released for all 2018 programmes.

Red & Yellow Opens Bursary Applications For 2018

Along with Red & Yellow’s recent repositioning as a Creative School of Business, the commitment to a social promise has been renewed, which ensures that 10% of all students have bursaries for full-time studies at the Cape Town campus.

These programmes include a 3-year BA Degree in Visual Communication, a 1-year Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Advertising Communications, a 1-year Advanced Diploma in User Centered Design, and two newly introduced 1-year Certificate programmes (Creating Digital Content or Graphic Design).

Red & Yellow’s bursary offering allows a broad range of students to apply regardless of their background or circumstances. “It doesn’t matter where I’ve come from, this bursary gives me the opportunity to decide where I’m going,” said a 2017 bursary student.

Carmen Schaefer, Creative Head of Department commented, “Diversity is not just about what happens in the classroom. It opens the playing field for different perspectives; it encourages open minds and curiosity and builds a solid, inclusive foundation for different cultures, socio-economic backgrounds and passions.

It is a non-negotiable for Red & Yellow to have bursary students; education is the only true way we’re going to impact the future of the next-gen workforce.”

“Part of our mission is to provide a free, private tertiary education experience for as many students as possible in order to truly impact our society and support our mission: to teach the great creators, inventors, leaders and entrepreneurs of the 21st Century.


Opportunity Closing Date: 
Tuesday, January 30, 2018
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