PG Group Work Integrated Learning FET/TVET-YES Learnerships

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pg group

PG Group has work experience and exposure opportunities for youth in the various Operational Divisions across the country. PG Group is invested in the following divisions:  PG Glass, PG Glass Africa, Shatterprufe, LLumar, Widney, PFG Building Glass, PG Building Glass, PG Primador and PG Aluminium.


PG is the name for glass in Southern Africa. Established in Cape Town in 1897, the Group produces, distributes and installs automotive, building glass, aluminium and glass film solutions. The PG Group is a significant worldwide player and our operations comply with the highest international safety, quality and environmental standards. 

Apply now for Work Integrated Learning FET/TVET-YES opportunity at PG Group.


  • Matric
  • TVET/FET qualification (in relevant discipline)
  • Knowledge of general hygiene good practices
  • A thirst for continuous learning and growth
  • A strong focus on service excellence and customer relations
  • Communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Reporting and presentation skills
  • Analytic and creative thinking
  • Discovering and applying rules
  • The ability to be mobile within geographical area (where applicable)
  • The ability to travel independently (where applicable)
  • The ability to work shifts (where applicable)


Please upload the following documents on the system:

  • A full CV
  • Certified ID
  • Matric Certificate
  • Full academic record
  • FET/TVET Certificate
Company Offering the Opportunity


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