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Youth Development Empowerment At NRCS


The NRCS hereby invites applications for the 2019/2020 Internship Programme for the below outlined fields.


This is a Youth Development Empowerment initiative that supports the National Development Plan’s by affording unemployed youth in South Africa the opportunity to gain skills, knowledge and experience, whilst at the same time, positioning themselves for active and meaningful participation in the labour market

Field of study:

Internal Audit

  • National Diploma/Degree in Internal Audit

Strategy and Risk

  • National Diploma/Degree in Business Management/Risk Management/Strategic Management

Communication and Marketing

  • National Diploma/Degree in Communication/Marketing/Public Relations/Journalism/Media Studies

Information and Communications Technology

  • National Diploma/Degree in Information Technology/System Developer/Business Application and Enterprise

Facilities and Records

  • National Diploma/Degree in Knowledge Management/Facilities Management


  • National Diploma/Degree in Finance/Accounting/Supply Chain/Procurement/Business Administration


  • National Diploma/Degree in Business Management/Administration

Regulatory Research and Development & National Building Regulations

  • National Diploma/Degree in the field of Natural Science

Chemicals, Mechanicals and Materials

  • National Diploma/Degree in Business Management/Administration

Food and Associated Industries (KZN Region)

  • National Diploma/Degree in Business Management/Administration

Legal Metrology

  • National Diploma/Degree in Business Management/Administration


  • National Diploma/Degree in Business Management/Administration


Opportunity Closing Date: 
Thursday, October 31, 2019
Opportunities Offered By : 


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