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NRF Master's and Doctoral Scholarships for 2020

National Research Foundation Scholarships

The (National Research Foundation) NRF is mandated by an Act of Parliament, the NRF Act (Act No. 23 of 1998) to: “Support and promote research through funding, human capacity development and the provision of the necessary research facilities, in order to facilitate the creation of knowledge, innovation and development in all fields of science and technology, including indigenous knowledge.

NRF Offering Master's and Doctoral Scholarships for 2020

The National Research Foundation took a decision to move the opening date for the honours, masters and doctoral Call from February to 01 April 2019 following a process of engagement with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

It is important to read the relevant documents before deciding on the funding opportunity you need to apply to.

In the Attachment section, please print or make a copy, certify and then scan all the required documents and submit as a single PDF file.

The applicant is required to attach the following documents:

  • Certified South African Identity Document or Passport in the case of non-South Africans.
  • Certified academic record or, in case of applicants with outstanding fees due to the university, attach an official statement that is stamped and signed, as proof that the transcript is not issued due to outstanding fees owed to the university.
  • Official proof of National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) or University Financial Aid funding for applicants that have indicated that they were previously funded by NSFAS or University Financial Aid.

Students that meet the following criteria:

  • Students that obtained an average mark of 65% and above in their previous degree;
  • Students that have received NRF funding for postgraduate studies, NSFAS and/or University Financial Aid for honours or masters studies, and/or who are currently funded for postgraduate studies by the NRF; NSFAS and/or University Financial Aid;
  • Students that have completed their undergraduate and/or honours degree within the minimum prescribed period; and
  • Students that have completed their masters degree within two-years.


Opportunity Closing Date: 
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
Opportunities Offered By : 



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