Become Financially Literate and Win Big

What's up?

Having your own money is exciting but it can be confusing too. Where do you start if you want to make money to buy that gaming console you want or the sweater that your parents say you have to save your money for? 

We know the feels and we want to help. Complete the 2-hour Financial Literacy short course and stand a chance to win a 1-year Certificate in Management, a Lenovo tablet or R750 in data. 

Become Financially Literate and Win Big - In partnership with FPD


  • 2 hour Financial Literacy course
  • Earn the Financially Literate badge
  • Launches 23 September
  • Over R40 000 in prizes

How does it work?

Submit your competition entry to get access to the course and prize draw.

Complete the Financial Literacy short course which should take about 2 hours.

Upload your certificate, get the Financially Literate badge and your entry into the draw.

As a reward for investing in YOURSELF, participants stand a chance to win a 1-Year Higher Certificate in Management from the Foundations for Professional Development (FPD).




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