2022 Scholarship at Helderberg College of Higher Education


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The mission of the Helderberg College of Higher Education (HCHE) is to deliver quality, values-based higher education in various disciplines, based on the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy, to produce competent graduates.


To help alleviate the difficulty and hardships facing Grade 12 learners and potential students commencing their tertiary education in 2022, and for the College to execute its mission, realise its vision, and achieve its goals, HCHE would like to support academically strong learners in achieving their goals. Commencing the First Semester of 2022, the College is therefore offering free tuition for the first year of study. 


 For a potential student to qualify for the scholarship, the following criteria should be met:

  • A 75% average.
  • A cover/motivational letter stating the following:
    1. Why you believe you should be granted the scholarship.
    2. Your interest in studying at HCHE.
    3. Your plan for furthering your academic studies in the future.
    4. Your commitment to completing your programme of study at HCHE.
  • A reference letter from a school principal or class teacher or church pastor must accompany the application.
  • Register for a minimum of 56 credits in both semesters.


  • The scholarship is valid only for tuition fees for the first year of study.
  • The following fees are payable: application, registration, and internet.
  • The scholarship does not cover: Books, accommodation, meals, equipment etc., either on or off campus.
  • The first year of study must be passed. Failing to pass, the student will be liable to repay the scholarship, and/or pay for repeat modules.
  • Upon maintaining a 75% average, a discount of 50% for tuition fees will be applied in the final year of study and completion of your degree at HCHE.
  • Should you accept the free tuition for the first year with the intention of completing your degree at another institution, applying for the scholarship is strongly discouraged in order for another student who is fully committed to completing their degree at HCHE to benefit.


  • Faculty of Business
  • Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting – 4 years
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Management – 3 years
  • Faculty of Social Sciences & Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Corporate Communication & Media Studies concentrations) – 3 years
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Counselling & Industrial Psychology concentrations) – 3 years
  • Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching – 4 years
  • Faculty of Theology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology – 4 years

Download scholarship brochure here.

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship for 2022 please click here and visit the Helderberg College website.

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