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Government Internships: Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform invites unemployed graduates to apply for their internship programme.

Government Internships: Department of Rural Development and Land Reform

The programme offers graduates an opportunity to acquire skills and practical work experience at the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR). The appointment of interns contributes to the fight against unemployment of qualified youth in the country which is currently a burning issue.

Government Internships: Department of Rural Development and Land Reform
Title Qualification Reference
Animal/Plant Production/Agricultural Economics

National Diploma/Degree in Research, Agricultural Studies/ Science, Community Development, Animal Production/ Management

DRDLR 2205/FS (Bloemfontein)

Communication National Diploma/Degree in Communication, Public Relations or higher qualification

DRDLR 2209/NO (Pretoria)

DRDLR 2209/EC (East London)

Disaster Management National Diploma/Degree in Disaster Management, Environmental Planning/Management

DRDLR 2203/GP (Pretoria)

DRDLR 2203/EC (East London)

Environmental Planning National Diploma/Degree in Environmental Planning DRDLR 2204/NO (Pretoria)
Geographic Information System/ Geo-Spatial Information National Diploma/Degree in Geographical Information System, Geography or Geomatics

DRDLR 2201/FS (Bloemfontein)

DRDLR 2201/GP (Gauteng)

DRDLR 2201/MP (Mpumalanga)

DRDLR 2201/EC (East London)

DRDLR 2201/KZN (Pietermaritzburg)

Human Resource Management National Diploma/Degree in Human Resource Management

DRDLR 2213/GP (Pretoria)

DRDLR 2213/FS (Bloemfontein)

DRDLR 2213/LP (Polokwane)

DRDLR 2213/KZN (Pietermaritzburg) 

DRDLR 2213/NW (Mafikeng)

DRDLR 2213/EC (East London)

DRDLR 2213/WC (Cape Town)

Information Technology

National Diploma/Degree in Information Technology or higher qualification

DRDLR 2210/NC (Kimberley)

DRDLR 2210/FS (Bloemfontein)

DRDLR 2210/NO (Pretoria)

DRDLR 2210/GP (Pretoria)

Labour Relations National Diploma/Degree in Labour Relations

DRDLR 2212/NO (Pretoria)

Monitoring and Evaluation

National Diploma/Degree in Social Science, Developmental Studies, Statistics, Research and Demographics

DRDLR 2206/NC (Kimberley)

DRDLR 2206/NO (Pretoria)

Pre-settlement National Diploma/Degree in Social Science or higher qualification

DRDLR 2208/LP (Polokwane)

DRDLR 2208/GP (Pretoria)

Real Estate

National Diploma/Degree in Property Management or higher qualification

DRDLR 2207/EC (East London)

Research National Diploma/Degree in Public Management DRDLR 2211/NC (Kimberley)
Town and Regional Planning National Diploma/Degree in Town and Regional Planning

DRDLR 2202/NO (Pretoria)

DRDLR 2202/FS (Bloemfontein)

DRDLR 2202/GP (Pretoria)

DRDLR 2202/MP (Nelspruit)

DRDLR 2202/KZN (Pietermaritzburg)


To apply, click the reference number of the post you are interested in in the table above, OR click below.



Opportunity Closing Date: 
Friday, March 16, 2018


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