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Bursary Opportunity At Department of Environmental Affairs’ (DEA)

environmental affairs bursary

The department is inviting students who are studying full-time to apply for bursaries to be awarded in the 2020 academic year in various fields of study related to the mandate of the department

DEA Bursary Opportunity

Consideration will be given to previously disadvantaged and people with disability who are South African citizens and have successfully completed their first year of undergraduate study or those who are currently registered for postgraduate studies.

However, strongly motivated applications from first-year students within the above mentioned fields of study will also be considered.

The maximum amount of the bursary is R40 000.00

Biodiversity and Conservation (Ref: BC/01/2020)

  • National Diploma: Nature Conservation
  • BA Degree Environmental Management / Science
  • ND: Ecotourism and game range management
  • BA Degree Environmental Economics
  • BSc Zoology and Botany
  • BSc Environmental Management (Majoring in Environmental law)
  • BSc Geology
  • BHCS Heritage and Cultural Studies

Chemicals and Waste Management (Ref: CWM/01/2020) 

  • ND/B Degree/Hons/MSc/MTech Environmental Science
  • B Degree/Honours/MSc/MTech Environmental Management
  • M Sc/MTech Chemical Engineering/Chemistry
  • Hons/MSc/MTech Biochemistry or Microbiology
  • B Degree/Honours/MSc/MTech Waste Management
  • MSc/MTech Environmental Health
  • ND/B Degree/Hons/MSc/MSc Natural Sciences (Geography, Chemistry)
  • B Degree/Hons/MSc Environmental Economics
  • ND/B Degree/Hons/MSc Biological Science
  • MSc/MTech Waste Management
  • B Degree/ND/Hons/MA Geography
  • B Degree/ ND/ Hons/ MSc Environmental Engineering and Bio Technology

Chief Operating Officer (Ref: COO/01/2020)

  • ND/ BSc / Honours / Masters Environmental Science / Environmental Management
  • Bachelor s degree / Honours / Masters/ PhD Environmental Monitoring, Compliance, Enforcement and Control
  • Degree, honours, masters Climate change and sustainability management
  • Honours, masters, PhD Environmental research and development
  • Degree, Honours, Masters, PhD Environmental Engineering
  • Degree, honours, masters Environmental Health
  • Degree Risk Management
  • ND/ Degree Internal Audit
  • Degree Information Management/ Information Systems
  • Post-graduate Public Administration/ Public Management / Governance

Climate Change and Air Quality and Sustainbaility Development (Ref: CCAQ /01/2020)

  • BSc/ND Environmental Science
  • BSc/ND Environmental Management
  • ND/B Degree Earth Science
  • ND/B Degree Natural Science
  • ND/B Degree Conservation
  • BSc Chemistry
  • ND/B Degree Hydrology

Environmental Programmes (Ref: EP/01/2020)

  • B SC/Hons/Masters Environmental Science/Environmental Law/Environmental Economics/ Water Resource
  • Hons Economics
  • PhD Environmental Management
  • MPhil Science Communication
  • Hons/Master/PhD Botany or Entomology or Zoology or Ecology
  • Hons/Master/PhD Social Science

Regulatory Compliance and Sector Monitoring (Ref: RCSM/01/2020)

  • LLB (Major courses Administrative law, legislative drafting, Environmental Law)
  • LLM
  • B.A Law
  • A Diploma or Degree in Paralegal
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management (majoring in Animal and wildlife management)
  • BSc in Chemistry
  • BSc majoring in Geography
  • Bachelor of Environmental Management majoring in Environmental Impact Assessment
  • BSc Chemistry, botany
  • BA Information Management

Oceans and Coast (Ref: OC/01/2020)

  • ND/B Tech/BSc Hons/MSc/PhD: Marine Science
  • BSc/Hons/MA Environmental Economics
  • BTech/MTech/Hons/ M Sc/Oceanography
  • BSc Environmental Science/Management
  • BTech/MTech/Hons/MA Environmental Economics
  • B Degree Coastal Management
  • B Degree Town and Regional planning
  • B Degree Social Development Studies
  • ND/BEng/BTech/Hons/MA Mechanical Engineering
  • B Sc/Hons/MSc Computer Science or Information Systems Engineering

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Opportunity Closing Date: 
Friday, November 8, 2019
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