Learner Fire Fighter

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City of Cape Town

If you'd like to be a fire fighter here's the opportunity you've been waiting for. The City of Cape Town is looking to employ learner fire fighters at a salary of R199,000 per year. Apply now!

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The City of Cape Town is currently recruiting for Learner Fire Fighters to join their department. This exciting position pays R199,000 per year and is a fixed term training contract.


Requirements For this Learner Fire Fighter Position

- Grade 12 qualification (Mathematics and Physical Science
- 18 years or older
- Must not suffer from fear of confined spaces or heights
- Must be medically and physically fit
- Must be able to work in a team and cope with stressful situations
- No Criminal Record
NOTE: All shortlisted candidates will be required to undertake and pass the following compulsory fitness test
- Reach test (1.9 m)
- 2.4 km run (Males 11 minutes and Females 13 minutes)
- Push-ups (30 in 60 seconds)
- Sit-ups (30 in 60 seconds)
- Dead load carries (2 x 25 kg drums over a distance of 100 m)

NOTE: Candidates who pass the physical test will
- be required to pass a written assessment and an interview
- be required to submit their fingerprints or identity numbers for the purpose of checking criminal records. No other criminal clearances will be acceptable
- be required to undergo a City medical evaluation
- be required to undergo a compulsory drug test at a City testing center
- be required to pass a claustrophobia and acrophobia test (fear of confined spaces and fear of heights)




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