The Bursary Lottery Has 67 Bursaries Available

Yes! You are here because you want to educate yourself. You want to educate yourself because you want to start or grow your career to improve your life. There are literally billions of people like you so if you are lucky enough to win a bursary lottery and go on to build a great career, we want you to commit yourself to helping the people who come after you, the ones that are still waiting for that lucky break.

The Bursary Lottery Has 67 Bursaries Available

Right now it’s still kinda day one for us. Our launch partner is the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business who have an amazing Social Promise of ensuring that at least 10% of their students don’t have to pay for themselves.

They are generously offering 67 bursaries for their Entrepreneurship in Action short course and a staggering 67 bursaries for their Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing.

A part time two year qualification worth over R70 000.

This is over R5 000 000 worth of education available for free right now and we thank Red & Yellow for their enormous contribution. 

Step 1

Apply for a bursary with one of our incredibly generous education partners

Step 2

We send your application to the education partner you have selected

Step 3

If you are lucky, they grant you a bursary and you can start your life changing journey of education

Step 4

Bursaries are processed on a first come, first served basis. But, if you agree to our Pay it Forward Promise, you can jump the queue!


Opportunity Closing Date: 
Tuesday, July 31, 2018
Company Offering the Opportunity: 


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