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African Scholar's Fund AFS 2021

African Scholar Fund


Did you know that the ASF motivates and encourages scholars to complete their education at High School and TVET Colleges. If you are underprivileged or know of someone who is very poor, in desperate need of assistance financially towards their education ASF will assist.

African Scholar's Fund AFS 2021

Our whole intention is focused on the learner, for their care and their benefit. There is no other fund quite like this. Other organizations focus on putting our youth through tertiary education, but this is not possible unless there is a supply of capable students to start with!


Our areas of operation are the Free State, Western, Eastern and Northern Cape.

Bursaries only cover course fees and registration.


  • Gr7 must obtain an average of 60%, plus 60% in all subjects.
  • Gr8 – 11 must obtain an average of 50% plus 50% in all subjects.


Opportunity Closing Date: 
Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Opportunity is closing in 70 days
Opportunities Offered By : 


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