Ikhala TVET College Opens 2024 Applications

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Semester and Trimester 2 applications are now open at Ikhala TVET College. Ikhala College values nurturing the joy of learning through creating a stable and harmonious environment.


Semester 2 and Trimester 2 applications are now open at Ikhala TVET College. Their mission is to provide quality and community responsive programmes through consolidating strategic stakeholder relations and ensuring business excellence.

Ikhala TVET College was formed on the 1st April 2002 through the merging of a number of previous Technical Colleges. It is situated in the beautiful town of Komani in the Eastern Cape.

Applications for Trimester 2 close on 18 April while Semester 2 applications will close on 30 April.

Trimester 2 Applications

The following Report 191 courses are available at the Ezibeleni Campus and Aliwal North campus:

  • Engineering Studies: Electrical Engineering
  • Engineering Studies: Civil Engineering
  • Engineering Studies: Mechanical Engineering

The minimum requirements for admission is a Grade 12 pass with Technical Mathematics, Mathematics, Technical Science, Physical Science and English.

An APS score of 22 will be used for selection.

Semester 2 Applications

The following Report 191 courses are available:

  • Aliwal North Campus
    • Business Management N4
    • Hospitality Services N4
    • Human Resources Management N4
    • Public Management N4
  • Queen Nonesi Campus
    • Farming Management and Mechanisation N4
    • Tourism Management N4
  • Sterkspruit Campus
    • Management Assistant N4
    • Public Management N4
  • Queenstown Campus
    • Business Management N4
    • Financial Management N4
    • Human Resources Management N4
    • Management Assistant N4
      Public Management N4

The minimum requirements for admission is a Grade 12 pass with relevant subjects.

An APS score will be used for selection.

How To Apply

  1. Go to Ikhala College's website and click on 'Courses'
  2. Click on 'Apply Now'
  3. Click on the GoStudy link to start with the Compulsory Career Questionnaire
  4. Click on Start the questionnaire and select the second option 'The TVET College Questionnaire'
  5. Complete the questionnaire
  6. Click on 'Apply'
  7. Click on 'Select a course'
  8. Select the Academic year
  9. Different options will appear. Click on one of the relevant option
  10. Select the campus of your choice.
  11. Select the duration
  12. Select the course of your choice
  13. Select the level of study
  14. Click on 'Apply for this course' on your bottom-right
  15. A disclaimer will appear. Read through it and ensure that you understand, then click OK
  16. If you are a first-time applicant, click on 'I do not have an account yet' and create an account
  17. If you have an account, log in
  18. Select your school subjects 
  19. Ensure that all the seven subjects as they appear below have been selected and click on 'Submit application'
  20. Click on 'confirm'
  21. Submit documents
    • Certified ID copy
    • Certified copy of your results
    • Certified ID copy of next of kin
    • Proof of residence
  22. Ensure that all the stages have Green Ticks for your application to be complete
  23. Your application will then be processed

Before applying, make sure you have an active gmail email address, as it is a requirement for the application. 

Make sure you have all the supporting documents needed before continuing with the application, such as, a certified copy of your ID, proof of residence, certified copy of latest results, etc. 

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