False Bay TVET College igniting entrepreneurial aspirations and intent of College students

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False Bay TVET College was intentional when putting measures in place to combat this high level of unemployment by creating an environment for job seekers to aspire to become job creators. The College is currently the only TVET in the Western Cape with a Centre for Entrepreneurship and Rapid Incubator (CfERI).

In April to June 2020, 2.5 million young people aged 15 to 34 were unemployed in South Africa, according to Statistics South Africa. The age group’s unemployment rate was 34.1%. When the expanded definition is considered, the unemployment rate for people aged 15 to 34 rises to 55.2%. This definition includes unemployed people who have given up looking for work. It is further an accepted fact that not all graduates will secure gainful employment in our current shrinking economy.

False Bay TVET College was intentional when putting measures in place to combat this high level of unemployment by creating an environment for job seekers to aspire to become job creators. The College is currently the only TVET in the Western Cape with a Centre for Entrepreneurship and Rapid Incubator (CfERI).

The CFERI, despite Covid-19, hosted its 5 th Annual Poster and Pitch (P&P) Business Model Canvas (BMC) Competition. Students were encouraged to put their idea on a single page. This included, how they can solve a problem, monetize their skills and provide value to customers at a profit. “We are in desperate need of young people to increase their entrepreneurial intention.” Say Abe Oliver, CFERI Programme Manager.

The reason for this focussed approach, is because according to the 2019 findings of GEM Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, only 11.9% of respondents in SA have entrepreneurial intentions. This means one in every eight South Africans may be considered latent entrepreneurs intending to start a business within the next three years. This is in stark contrast to the average of 40% in the rest of Africa. Given the very high rates of underemployment and unemployment in the country, this is a discouraging finding.

With this macro perspective in mind and the reality in our local townships and communities, we partnered with Future Managers and ZAQ to encourage FBC students to participate in our P&P BMC competition on the 26 November.

Abe Oliver said “I was encouraging to see the business ideas, product samples and the entrepreneurial vision of these young people. They surely carry the torch to flame and ignite township economies. We had students representing five campuses of FBC - Fish Hoek, Muizenberg, Khayelitsha, Westlake and Mitchells Plain. Ideas ranged from skateboarding, a health bakery, laundry service, flipped furniture, organic farming, a coffee shop, recycling, and electrical services to name a few.”

The external adjudicators had a difficult time selecting the top two winners for the R10 000 seed capital category. The adjudicators were represented by external organisations such as FNB, Dream Exchange, Community Lab  Businesses Services, and the two funders, Future Managers and ZAQ.

Collen Dlamini, Executive Director of Future Managers stated the following post the event, “A job well done for  putting together a top-class event for the student-prenuers! We are honoured and humbled to be part of this project. Please continue to us in the loop on the initiatives you are pursuing in this space.” They have been funding the project since 2016.

The College Principal, Karin Hendricks expressed the following “I was very impressed with the number of current students who are participating. It shows that we are starting to see the influence of the work of the CfERI on the thinking of students. More and more students are thinking entrepreneurship and this is a good sign. What I am also impressed with is the fact that we have all campuses presented”

Jaco Wasserfall the Director l ZAQ encouraged the participants to run towards risk. Risks which are calculated and to build profitable businesses that serve society. He further emphasized that not all ideas will succeed with the first attempt. They should see failure as their first attempt in learning.

This amazing day was further enhanced by Tenchwill Solomon a False Bay TVET College graduate who started his own business, Born Free Construction in 2017. He believed doing good is good for Business. He is a resilient small business but thinks like a big business. He committed an additional prize of R3 000 to the first prize winner. This is indeed very encouraging when you see a student paying it forward to other students. This echo the words of Albert Einstein “In the midst of every crises there lies great opportunity”.

This year we have seen both graduates (alumni) and current students including N6 students who are at host employers, participating. Students from Westlake and Fish Hoek took the top two awards.

Zubair Isaacs

ZI Electrical Services


Westlake - Graduate


Sibabalo Makaula

Pizza Wise

Fast Food

Fish Hoek –Current 


Anneeba Faulman

Heart Chocolate

Bakery & Health Focus

Muizenberg – N6 student currently at Host Company


Jongisiswe Ntshontse

Jqhama Urtsan Growers

Agriculture-Organic Focus

Khayelitsha – Current 


Leon Lackay

Leon Boxes


Westlake -Graduate


Roegshana Abrhams

Flip It 


Fish Hoek –N6 –student currently at Host Company


Sindi van Wyk

Animation Studio


Muizenberg -Graduate


Terence Angus 

T & T Trading 


Mitchells Plain –Part-Time Students


“We are committed to expand our footprint on each campus. We are looking at 2021 to establish Entrepreneurship Clubs on each campus. The mission is to further enhance entrepreneurial aspirations and intention of FBC students. The purpose of these E-Clubs will be to identify and implement campus projects that will better the lives of people in our community in need by empowering them with business and entrepreneurial skills and providing them with a more sustainable source of livelihood.” Said Abe Oliver“What an amazing platform to raise the entrepreneurial intention of our students today so that they can take their place as the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow.” Said Oliver.

Zig Ziglar “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”

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