FET Colleges - Public

Trimester 2 applications for Engineering Studies are open for new students at Orbit TVET College. Orbit TVET College aims to provide their students with good quality courses.

Ehlanzeni TVET College has opened their Trimester 2 applications. Ehlanzeni TVET College provide program-based vocational and occupation training in order to respond to human resource and south african economy.

Trimester 2 applications at Majuba TVET College are now open. Majuba TVET College offers a wide variety of courses as well as leadership programmes at their eight campuses.

Applications for Trimester 2 are open at Northern Cape Urban TVET College. This is for engineering studies. Apply now before it's too late!

Trimester 2 applications for Engineering are now open at Motheo TVET College. Limited spaces are available so hurry and apply now. Keep reading for more information.

Applications for the second Trimester are open at the College of Cape Town for Engineering. Apply now before space runs out at the College.

Trimester 2 applications at  Ezibeleni Engineering Campus is now open for Ikhala Public TVET College. Ikhala College values nurturing the joy of learning through creating a stable and harmonious environment.

Buffalo City TVET College has opened their applications for Trimester 2 for the 2021 academic year. Applications must be done online.

Engineering applications for Trimester 2 at Central Johannesburg College are now open. Central Johannesburg TVET College's mission is to lead their students to employment.

Semesters and trimesters can be confusing concepts, as we might not know what the difference between the two is. Depending on the length of the academic year, they consist of a different number of weeks.