How Much Are Varsity College Fees?

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A main point of concern for every student looking to pursue tertiary studies, is the cost of education, especially when it comes to private institutions. Fortunately, the Independent Institute of Education (IIE) Varsity College, has recently released the proposed fee costs for studying in the year of 2022. Being that the college is of private status, the fees are likely to differ from public institution fees, but provide great insight into private institution costs.


There are a number of Varsity College course programmes to choose from. Each programme varies in price depending on whether the student wants to pursue a full-time, part-time or online degree, what type of qualification they would like to pursue, and the duration of study.

Being that Varsity College is a private institution, NSFAS funding is not applicable under these circumstances. The college, however, does offer a student loan option in which during the student’s time of study, they only owe a payment of the interest accrued on the loan to the college. 

In this case, the student would only be expected to begin repaying the full capital and interest on the loan once they have left college and begun working. Apart from this, there are also bank loan options and private college funding options in the form of bursaries that have been made available to prospective private college students. 

Nevertheless, whichever method of payment the student chooses, the fact remains that the fees will need to be paid off eventually. Varsity College’s fee breakdown for 2022 is a helpful guideline for the student to gage how much they will need to be prepared to pay. 

The programmes at the college are divided between the following: the School of Management,  School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Education, School of Information Technology, School of Law, and Additional Modules/Short Learning programmes.

Each programme has an option for courses to be paid in full, through 10 instalments, 6 instalments, or 3 instalments. 

Within the School of Management, the highest costing programmes for 2022 are the Bachelor of Commerce and the Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship degrees, with each costing a total of R88 800 for the year, with a deposit of R27 000. The lowest costing programme would be the Diploma in Commerce in Business Management, with an overall cost of R60 300 and a deposit of R19 000.

Within the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the highest costing programme for the year of 2022 is the Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication degree, costing a total of R83 800 for the year with a deposit of R26 000. On the other end, the lowest costing programme would be the Honours programmes for Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, both costing a total of R58 700 and asking a deposit of R18 000. 

The School of Education only offers two programmes, with the Higher Certificate in Early Childhood Care being the more expensive one, costing a total of R65 900 and asking a deposit of R20 000. On the other hand, the Bachelor of Education degree offers the lowest price, costing R60 300 for the year, including a deposit of R19 000.

Next we have the School of Finance and Accounting, which also offers just two programme types. The highest costing one being the Bachelor of Accounting, totaling at R94 400 with a deposit of R29 000,  and the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting degree costing R84 300 for the year with a R26 000 deposit being the lowest costing programme.

Within the School of Information and Technology, the highest costing degrees amount to a total of R94 400 with a deposit of R29 000 each. These degrees are the Bachelor of Computer & Info Sciences in Application Development and Bachelor of Computer & Info Sciences in Network Engineering. On the other end, the Higher Certificate in Mobile Application and Web development costs a total of R70 400, with a deposit of R22 000.

For the final full-time course, the School of Law offers the  Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at its highest, costing R95 500 with deposit of R29 000, whilst the lowest costing programme is the Higher Certificate in Legal Studies, costing R70 400 for the year, with a deposit of R22 000.

Finally, the short courses range from a total cost R1 500 and a deposit of R450 for the IIE Bachelor of Accounting: Introduction to Accounting (SINAC019) to a high of R5 950 with a deposit of R1 790 for the Introduction to Research (INRS018) (IIE Honours Programmes).

This list does not cover the part-time or the online learning programme costs, which cost significantly less than the full-time programmes and can be found on the official Varsity College website. More information about full-time study costs can also be found in a document supplied via the college’s official website.


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