ATG's Upcoming Training Program


Practical training is always an advantage, especially if you're at the beginning of your career. It looks good on you CV and is an investment for your personal growth. ATG has an upcoming training program that is fit for anyone. 


Most job, whether it be entry level or higher, require six months to a year of experience. This can either be in the specific field or just general work experience. Academy Training Group promote practical training while studying.

Practical training and experience exposes you to the work place dynamic, making it easier for you to adjust from student to employee. So it is not only an advantage for your employer but, also is an investment for your personal growth.

ATG has an upcoming practical training program that is perfect for people to gain some workplace experience. 

If you're fresh out of matric, they offer a 5 day admin course that will come as an advantage to you. 

Your can find there upcoming training schedule here.

Practical training allows you to gain knowledge and work experience in one. This looks good on  CV, especially if you're a first time job seeker who is just starting your career. 

ATG's slogan is "Invest in Knowledge - Invest in Your Future", which emphasizes how knowledge and experience in a work place goes hand in hand for anyone, whether you're a newbie to the job sector or not. Experience always works to your advantage 

Being able to tell your future employers that you have practical training, could set you apart from others. It show that you have already developed the skills required to do the job.

Practical training training also comes as an advantage if you need references. Your trainer will be able to tell employers that you have the skills, along with the knowledge, need to be a great a great addition to any company. 

Practical training for any first time job seeker is very important, especially in the South African context. 

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