ATG’s Enrolment Process and How You Can Study at Your Own Pace


If you are looking to study but, struggle to juggle a full time job and other time consuming activities, ATG allows you to study at you own pace. It's perfect for people who have a lot on their plate but, still wish to study.


Academy Training Group (ATG) have many perks that come along with studying with them.

ATG allows you to enroll whenever it suits you, regardless of how far into the year it is. If you enroll in a year long course in June, you will finish the following year June, so the applications are open throughout the year.

If you wish to extended the course to 14 months rather than 12, you can do that as well because, ATG promotes studying at your own pace.

When they say study at your own pace they mean, you choose your exam date ahead of time and then work towards it in your own time doing one module at a time.

They allow you to customize you timetable as you wish so it is comfortable for you and it accommodates for people who are work and don't have too much time on their hands.

Most courses offer around 3-4 modules and you complete one module or subject at a time, including tests 

If the exam date you chose is nearing, and you aren't ready, you are welcome to extend the course, as it is customized to fit into you schedule. A six month course and extend to an eight month course if need be. 

So if you wish to study but, time just isn't on your side ATG is the perfect place for you

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