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What are the top careers for the future?

It is not easy building a career which has to last for 20 to 30 years. But incidentally, much of your future depends on how well you prepare yourself now. And to give you an idea of how complicated this has become, practically nobody predicted 20 years ago that software engineering would become such a big employment generator; it all happened so fast!

The other notable point of importance is that many semi-skilled jobs that were either labor intensive or routine in nature have moved to countries like India.

These were jobs that were draining corporations of their vital resources (read: money) and which, when moved to outsourcing mode, caught many Americans off-guard.

Future jobs are such that they can't be easily outsourced.

These are the jobs of the future. 

Top 10 Future Jobs

1. Tissue Engineering: For students of physiology, studying tissues and cell behavior can be made easy by making 3D functional models in-vitro. Functional models are made using cells, and devices which help cell growth. This is gaining popularity and MIT is the pioneer in this course.

2. Data Miners: As the name suggests, it is virtually digging thru tons of data of and for business transactions. The purpose of mining data is to reach a meaningful format dependable enough to make predictions; tracing trends of customer behavior, for example. Don't be misled; the future world is going to be data driven.

3. Gene Programmers: George Washington University predicts that lab technicians can customize medicines by scanning DNA and using gene therapy to block disease. This can and probably will be a reality in less than 10 years.

4. Neurotronic Engineers: The World Future Society says that human brains will be artificially extended by wiring microchips to the brain by these engineers by 2030. When this is possible, this opens a Pandora's Box of a host of careers.

5. Pharmers: No more pricks on your behind if 'pharmers' grow sufficient genetically engineered therapeutic crops. Watch out, you may have to eat a tomato for vaccination!




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