Is Job Shadowing Good For A CV?

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Job shadowing provides not only a look at the reality of the world of work, but is also a great insight into your chosen career path. Here is how job shadowing can benefit you in the future.

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A good CV is the key to securing the job you want. But what do you put on your CV when you don't have much work experience

What is a CV? 

A CV is a document which contains information regarding your education, skills, achievements and experience. A CV is necessary when a potential employer is considering hiring you for an open position. 

You can create a section on your CV under which you'll explain your experience job shadowing in a particular field, with a particular company.

What is Job Shadowing?

If you are interested in a certain career then a good way of learning about what it takes to succeed is to participate in a job shadowing programme. 

Job shadowing generally involves an individual following a professional around for a specified amount of time. You will observe the professional and often they will ask you to help them with certain tasks. Depending on how long you shadow a professional, you might learn some critical skills.

Job shadowing is your chance to spend a few days with a professional in the field you're interested in, giving you a glimpse into their job role without the commitment of a full-on work experience placement.

Why you should include your job shadowing experience in your CV

Even though you weren't a permanent employee at the company you job shadowed at, you still gained some valuable insight and skills that can be carried with you into this new job, and which your potential employer will see when its listed on your CV.

Also, the fact that job shadowing typically involves learning and engaging with a professional in a field, your employer may be impressed that you learned directly from someone with years of experience and practice, and who has a good reputation in their career field. 

What are the Benefits of Job Shadowing?

There are many benefits of Job Shadowing, which include helping you decide whether the career you are interested in is the right career for you. You could learn valuable skills and gain some short-term work experience.

If you have no prior work experience, you can add job shadowing, volunteering, activities you did in high school or that you are currently doing in University/college to your CV, or anything you feel could convince an employer to hire you.

Having job shadowing in your CV will show employers that you are driven and serious about making the right career choices. 

Job shadowing is an all round good experience where you can learn more about your career of interest as well as more about you and if you feel it is the right career for you.

It’s also a relatively low-key way to get a feel for the role, without having to commit to a full work experience placement.

When to begin job shadowing

You can start job shadowing as early as high school, which will come in handy when it comes to exploring potential careers to pursue at a university or a college in the future.

Although job shadowing is a temporary arrangement, it is still important to prioritise and balance your academics, especially because job shadowing can span over a few days, meaning you might miss time from school. The same concept would apply if you were job shadowing during your tertiary studies. 

You can participate in job shadowing during school holidays and/or university breaks. 

Job shadowing is a useful way to learn about a particular job of interest. Each job shadowing experience will be different, but in the end you will learn some valuable information about your job of interest.

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Job shadowing provides not only a look at the reality of the world of work, but is also a great insight into your chosen career path. Here is how job shadowing can benefit you in the future.

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