How Much Do Accountants Make Without a Degree?

Taking that big step to change your career is difficult. But can you really become an Accountant without a degree or equivalent tertiary qualification?


The straight answer is no, in order for you to become an Accountant, you need a tertiary qualification and be registered with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA), which is the regulating body of professional accountants in South Africa.

There are multiple avenues for you to take. You can go to college or university, a trade school, or you could go straight into the workforce again and take courses online.

Accountants are very similar to Bookkeepers. However, accountants will focus on the bigger picture. Accountants will prepare tax returns, monitor cooperation with the highest standards and regulations, and will assess department efficiency.

You are probably asking yourself, but don’t you need to go get a four-year degree to be an accountant? For specific jobs, it is necessary at the entry level.

However, it is possible for you to get a job as an accounting clerk, bookkeeper, or auditing clerk without any post-secondary education.

In fact, there are many options that don’t require a degree available to you in the field of accounting, and you don’t even have to look too hard to find them.

Bookkeepers, auditing clerks, tax resolution service providers, and accounting clerks require a combination of post-secondary education and apprenticeship.

High school is essential, while some colleges may be optional. You will need basic computer and math skills, and you need to be honest and detail-oriented.

Taking college courses, such as basic bookkeeping, accounting, spreadsheet writing, and accounting software training, will help you be more qualified.

If your company decides to hire and train you, this usually takes 6 months regardless of whether the company is large or small.

If career opportunities without a degree are so bright, what do you lose without one? Well, you can’t get a Certified Public Accountant license to practice as a professional Accountant, and that means you will not be employable in any competent public or private institution.

Getting your matric certificate with accounting subjects will get you to your destination. Universities and colleges require proper qualifications as this particular career is more challenging with specific demands. Good luck with your efforts in becoming an Accountant.


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