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Ever considered a career in welding?

The welding industry is healthy and the global projections for 2012 and beyond are optimistic. According to a recent survey conducted in America by the American Welding Society, respondents overwhelmingly felt that welding is “here to stay” and 70% of the respondents predicted substantial growth for the industry. Therefore, welding is a safe career choice to make.


The Southern African Institute of Welding (SAIW) provides a wide variety of welding related courses at all skills levels. Untrained, inexperienced trainees, with no previous level of education, but with the appropriate health, physical and mental capabilities, may enter these programmes. Such courses include; the international welder, the IIW practitioner and specialist courses, as well as a wide variety of inspector courses. After three years of comprehensive SAIW training programmes in welding related inspection technologies, trainees can be awarded a diploma. This diploma is aimed at individuals intending to start a career as an inspection specialist or a technology manager.

In a document “Vision for welding” (author unknown) the predictions for the welding industry are that welding will be better integrated into the production cycle, eliminating the occasional impression that it is a barrier to a smooth manufacturing process on the factory floor. Training of welders and welding technologists will be more comprehensive and scientific, the welders’ working environment will become more attractive and the residue of the image of welding as the weakest link in fabrication will be eliminated. New materials development will increasingly incorporate weldability.

“SAIW agrees with these predictions and considers it a privilege to equip people of any age for such a secure career,” says Jim Guild, executive director of SAIW. “Engineers in the welding field, for instance, have been equipped for a variety of disciplines, but seldom in welding. Additional training is the only way of bridging this gap, especially at inspectors’ level.”

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