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Current jobseekers are faced with some tough times ahead, according to the November 2012 CareerJunction Index. Employment is waning in South Africa, with some industries taking a harder knock than others. The study revealed that the pool of South African job seekers had grown by more than 15% at the time of the study, but there was a mere 2% increase in available jobs. According to estimates, only four out of every ten job-seeking matriculants will find employment in 2013.

Students who passed their final exams but didn't achieve high marks in Mathematics and Physical Sciences are able to vastly improve their grades through the SciMathUS (Science and Mathematics at Stellenbosch University) Bridging Programme.

Do you know what employers look for when deciding to hire you? Below are some of the areas that inform employers' decisions when hiring someone.

Over the last few decades the workplace has undergone both subtle and radical changes. From technological advances to cultural diversity and the advent of Generation Y, the career landscape has changed significantly over the years. This is why it is so important to be able to stay relevant in the modern workforce, not only by understanding how things have changed and why, but also by adapting your own professional skill set to these changes.

The job market has always been an evolving and changing market, however these days the change is rapid. Today’s jobs landscape is all about entrepreneurship, self-employment and ingenuity in a world where the old-fashioned job for life is in decline.

Top private education experts have found a good way to improve the employment prospects of new graduates by focusing specifically on what employers want, over and above the skills and knowledge that come directly from the curriculum.

It is the Catch-22 situation that has been frustrating jobseekers for ages: positions requiring experience from applicants who can’t gain any experience without first being employed. But there are ways to make oneself employable and gain experience without landing a position in formal employment first.



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