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Youth Urged To Participate In Wildlife Economy

Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa has encouraged the youth to pursue careers that will enable them to participate meaningfully in the wildlife economy.

Youth urged to participate in wildlife economy

“I call on young people to pursue careers in the fields of, among others, nature conservation, veterinary services, ecotourism, taxidermy, animal husbandry, zoology, botany and ecology,” Minister Molewa said.

The Minister was addressing the launch of the Double Drift Community Wildlife Project in the Eastern Cape.

“This initiative enables access to start-up game or wild animals which in itself fosters the ownership of game in the hands of communities, particularly the previously disadvantaged.

“It further advances the interface between communities and protected areas which in-turn contributes to promoting sustainable livelihoods through ecotourism, job creation and protection of natural and cultural heritage,” Minister Molewa said.

She said the launch of this Double Drift Project marks the new dawn in community-led wildlife management which unlocks wildlife ranching that includes a focus on game breeding and live sales.

Secondary activities associated with these include veterinary services, translocation services, fencing and infrastructure maintenance.




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