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What To Know To Become An Online English Teacher

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Ever wanted to become an online English teacher or just had the thought but didn't know how to do it? Well, it might actually be simpler than you thought.


There is no way you haven't heard about someone considering teaching English or been in the company of someone who taught English in a foreign country. Many individuals decide to look into teaching English to foreign individuals online as a way of having time to figure out what they are wanting to do long term or see it as a way of starting their teaching careers and building from there. 

Teaching English online could also be a good way to make extra money, have an income while you're looking to get employed full-time or with a time like now where we are under lockdown. Jobs are being threatened or companies have temporarily closed down ans suddenly you've found yourself lots of free time. Teaching English online could be a perfect thing for you to do. 

Sometimes, you won't need a degree to be able to teach online. Some companies that offer teaching jobs without a degree are:

TEFL Courses

TEFL refers to Teaching English as a Foreign Language. What this means is that you'll be teaching English to someone who doesn't necessarily use it in their everyday life and sees it as a foreign language. TEFL Courses therefore equip you with skill in order to be able to teach English to someone who doesn't have it as their first language. A TEFL course is not necessarily a must but would definitely find more jobs and have a better chance at getting the jobs.

There are many TEFL Courses available to you, all it takes is a simple search online. You will then sign up for one, have to do a specific amount of hours and once finished, you'll be certified. All while you're at home. 

Even if you have a degree already, doing a TEFL course might still be needed. Even high school learners who finished school can take a TEFL course and once competed, can apply for jobs. 

Get Your Admin Down

Once you have a qualification requirement down, you then need to get whatever paperwork you need in order. As you would for any job applications, you need to make sure your CV is up to date and in order. This is very important, probably the most important part of your job application. Make sure you have certified copies of your qualifications and any other important documents you might need to submit such as your ID or Driver's license even. 

Sometimes, the company you'll apply for will pay in a foreign currency through payment options such as PayPal or anything similar. You would then need to set up an account and full get information on how to get the foreign currency payment you received turned into Rands so that you can use it in South Africa. 

Time To Apply

Finding online teaching jobs can be done in two ways. One is that you can search like you normally would through job portals and websites. The second is that you can go through a company. This again can be done through searches on the internet. 

Apply to as many online teaching jobs as you can and do not stop until you are given a job. Have the same kind of motivated attitude with every job and interview, should there be one. A great thing about choosing to teach English online is that you can work for multiple companies and do multiple jobs. 

You might have to go through some bad job experiences to find the one that fits with you so don't give up and become discouraged, it's just the cycle of finding a job. Good luck on your journey and enjoy teaching English.




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