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What To Ask At The End Of An Interview - How To End Off An Interview

You made it to the end of the interview and you know need to end on a high note and leave a great lasting impression on your interviewer. 

What To Ask at the End Of An Interview

What you may ask and what you must not ask:

  • Don’t say Is there any reason why you should not hire me
  • Don’t say what is the compensation level
  • You can ask "when do you expect to make a hiring decision?"
  • You can ask "How long do you think this process will take?"
  • You may ask "May I ask what the nexts steps are?"
  • You may ask "Do you mind if I follow up with you?"

After you have asked a few questions and you are happy that you have covered all relevant areas, it is time to close things off.

You may ask a question like:

  • “Do you have any concerns about my ability to do the role?”

Finally, conclude by reemphasising your value and skills and say "thank you so much for your time".

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