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What Skills To Put On Your Resume? - How To Distinguish What Is Important

To start with, what skills you need to put on your resume is a lot more important than you think and should therefore be taken seriously when drafting your resume.

There are essentially 2 things you can do to find the skills to put on your resume.

1. Pick up some “cool” skills from those websites and paste it in your resume.

2. Go find the skills mentioned in the job description and then paste those in your resume.

If the job description mentions certain skills in need, then it’s always a good idea to put a couple of them in your resume. We don’t recommend you put them all only the ones which resonate with you. You may look like you just gave them a tailored resume to exactly what they are looking for.

Just as you cannot put everything you did for an organization or all the skills you developed on your resume, HR Managers also cannot list down everything you will be doing if you get the job. With this being said, there are so many unwritten requirements when it comes to your skills, experience, tools, software, hardware and so on. If you go ahead and copy the skills needed from the job post and put it in your resume, you will maybe meet the bare minimum but will create an opportunity loss.

Let’s get more detailed and look at some examples.

  • If you are applying to a sales role, you are most likely going to use some sort of a CRM tool, it’s most likely going to be SalesForce, Zoho or bigger integrated systems like SAP and Oracle.
  • If it’s a project management role you are applying to, you can almost be guaranteed to use MS projects or Primavera.
  • If the role is very analytical, then you will definitely use MS Excel. Excel, is a tricky one though.

So, this is the best way to get an edge over other candidates. By mentioning those skills in your resume that are essential to the job post but also mentioning additional skills that are not in the job post. The best thing for you to do is when you are researching about the company, try to find out what tools they are using and then make sure you mention them in your resume.


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