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What Are Your Salary Expectations? - How To Answer This Question

This is by far one of the most controversial topics and can sometimes be dreaded by a lot of candidates. Everybody has their own opinion about this. Most HR Managers or recruiters often ask you to give a salary range.

What Are Your Salary Expectations? How To Answer This Question

Before we dive into possible ways to answer the question "What Are Your Salary Expectations?" you need to first understand the scenario you're being presented with. This is determined by who is interviewing you and what stage of the interview process are you at.

Here are two possible scenarios:

You're being interviewed by a Head Hunter or Recruiter
The best way to answer the question if you're being asked by a head hunter, HR Manager or Recruiter is to ask them what is the budget of their client? If it's within your expectation you can let them know and if it is not, valid why it is not.

You're being interviewed by an internal HR Manager
HR would usually ask you this question at the very first stage of the interview. They want to know beforehand that you won't be wasting anyone's time and that you're expectations are withing range. If not, you often would not go through to the next round of interviews. They want to immediately eliminate an candidates who fall out of the salary range they are prepared to offer. 

It is important to remember that in both scenario's, before you proceed to the final interview with the head of the department you would be working in, that the HR manager or recruiter does not only eliminate you because your salary expectation is too high. They can also eliminate you because your salary expectations are too low. Low salary expectations can be  misinterpreted as you do not know your worth.

So be aware and take time to research the salary ranges of someone in your field of work so that you can be realistic and also well prepared.

Feel free to check out the salaries of various roles here.


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