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Top Tips For Staying Engaged And Beating The Job Search Blues

The latest youth unemployment figures released by StatsSA again illustrate the dire position in which young job-seekers find themselves, with little indication that the situation will ease in the near future.


And while the negative impact of youth unemployment on the country as a whole is significant, at an individual level it can be catastrophic.

Therefore it is important for young people stay motivated to continue working on their careers and prospects, and not give in to despondency when their job search fails to deliver, an expert says.

“Gaining a qualification is one of the proudest days in a young person’s life, but disillusionment can quickly set in when you keep getting turned down when applying for vacancies,” says Nomawabo May, Team Leader: Student Advisor Department at Oxbridge Academy.

But she says that young people should not let the unemployment statistics intimidate them into thinking that there is no hope, because there are ways in which job-seekers can, firstly, stand out from other applicants and, secondly, continue to work on their employability, in the process building invaluable skills, experience and resilience.

“The traditional job market has changed, and a single qualification no longer means automatic access to full-time employment. But this is where you need to start getting creative in the way you approach your career, because companies will always be in need of skilled and experienced contributors.

“You should however find a way in which you can match what you have to offer to that which companies seek,” she says.

May advises young professionals struggling to land their first position to do the following:




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