The Way Forward In Your Career


The day has finally arrived. This may be the first day of the rest of your life. This is the day you must contemplate your future and decide on a way forward.


Yes, you must make the decisions. It is your life. Leave the past with all its trials, failures and disappointments behind you. Concentrate on the successes you have had and on what lies ahead.

Eleven years ago, South Africa saw the dawn of a new sunrise, the birth of a new nation. The rainbow nation was born. The past it was hoped, would be gradually left behind and we could all go forward in peace and harmony. Unfortunately, this has not been the case as far too many people are still living in the past and dwelling on the hurts, wrongs and inequalities of the past.


As long as we dwell in the past we cannot go forward. Do not fall into this trap and become bogged down. Take hold of the reins and ride through the difficulties that lie ahead. Take charge of your life and your future. Take ownership of what is before you and make it your road to success. Only you can do it.


You learned many things at school, and most of you will probably want to know why you learned what you did. How often did you discuss how to apply what you had learned? What did you learn about living your life and applying the knowledge you had gained? Did you ever discuss how to apply what you had learned in order to assist you in achieving success and happiness? This is the purpose of these articles.


With your potential, if you are ambitious and determined you can achieve success and fulfill your life’s ambition. Remember, “Success is a journey, it is not the destination”. All success comes with the freedom of choice and freedom of choice is your God given right. Use it wisely.


Learning comes from – curiosity, interest, knowledge and belief. Believe in yourself and enjoy your success. The future is in your hands.


Leave the past behind and carefully consider the future.


One of the greatest problems faced in life is that of making decisions. Decisions require commitment and commitment is what most people fear. This is true for all people and is particularly relevant to you in your present position.

Before this, others decided what happened in your life. You had no choice regarding most issues. Your birth was not your decision. Your sex, appearance, height and color were not your decision. You were fed and clothed by your parents, it was your parents who decided what school you should attend and in what neighborhood you should live.


You chose your own friends, you most likely decided on what sport you would play and you made some decisions as to how you behaved at school.


Even in making decisions there were rules and regulations in place to assist you. Others controlled your life and your development was in the hands of others.


You had, I hope, the support, love and guidance of people who have played a major role in your personal development. Looking back now l I trust you appreciate the role these people played in your life. They were there for a purpose and they were there to assist you in making the right decisions and to assist in your development to the point in your life where you can stand on your own two feet.


Your school years are now a thing of the past. They are finished and nothing can change what is now behind you. Now is the time to look to the future and to make decisions as to where you go from here.


You are not alone. You will still have support and guidance. You will realise others will take a less active role in your future and you will be required to stand up for yourself.


Many decisions you will have to make will require careful consideration and will then require commitment to the choice you have made. Remember the decisions you make should be yours and yours alone. This is your life and your future, treat it accordingly.


Are you prepared to make commitments about your life and future? No matter what choice you make in life the most important thing to remember is that the choices are now yours. Once you make these choices be committed to them. Set your goals and make your plans but in doing so make sure that you are committed to ensuring your own success.


No one can do this for you, you must make the choice for yourself and you must make the decision for yourself. You must be committed to that decision and come what may you must stick with it and see it through to its fulfillment.


This is not a time for playing games or for making decisions, because it sounds good or seems like it might be fun. This is serious stuff. This is your life and your future. Do not play with it.


Des has compiled a 77 page manual entitled “The way forward - a guide to life and the world of work”. To purchase a copy contact Des on [email protected].





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