Removing The Noise When Choosing A Career


Deciding what you want your future and you career to look like is a hefty task. Luckily, there's lots of help and advice available to you when you're making this decision. Read further on how to choose a career that will end in you being successful.


When choosing a career, there is a tremendous amount of noise, or external influence that lands up affecting our career choices. Not choosing the right career path is not the end of the world, but if you can start along the right path it will make for a far better career, so best we choose right.

Our parents have a major influence on our career choice, and this generally isn’t a good thing. Parents have the best of intentions, but they can sometimes get in the way of allowing someone to follow their own path. Parents naturally want what's best for us, but their efforts can be counter productive especially when they get controlling or forceful. Inversely, as a young person, all you want to do is make your parents proud. Which means you land up choosing a career path you think will land up pleasing them. Again, you might have the best of intentions here, but this doesn’t mean you’re making the right career choices.

Social pressures also play a major role in career choice. We all strive for a sense of belonging, respect or some form of acceptance from our friends or wider communities. Different careers carry different perceived statuses, which we then use as a reference point for career choice. You may be interested or passionate about something quite arbitrary, and decide not to pursue it because society may not recognise it ‘yet’ as a worthwhile or credible pursuit.

Many people choose careers because they think it will get them a lot of money. Whilst money is important of course, it should always be seen at the means not the end in itself. What I mean by this is that money should be a by-product of your career choice, not the primary motivator. If you choose a career based on money, and are not suited for that career, you will never excel within the career and get to the levels where you can in fact make the money you were after in the first place. By pursuing careers where a) there is a market and b) you are suited for, you will have a far greater chance of both making money and being satisfied with your work life.

The truth of the matter is that career choice is a very personal decision, no one external from you can or should make that choice. You have a unique set of talents, curiosities, skills and life experience. No one can do you better than you. So the best gift you can give yourself when it comes to deciding on what career path to go down, is to remove the noise. A good way to do this is to use science and technology to give you an accurate and objective representation of who you are and what career paths you are best suited for. Yenza, is a great place for this. By raising your levels of self and career awareness and keeping in mind ‘the four factors of career success’, you will have all the information you need to make the right career choice for you

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