New Opportunities Lie In The Digital Space


In a matter of days, matriculants will be faced with making decisions that’ll change their lives. Education Expert Dr. David Makovah has mentioned how learners can tap into the new-normal, acquiring skills and looking out for new opportunities in this digital migration era.


Online platforms such as Coursera and Udacity have a vast list of courses that will advance you into the digital industry, at price points that are accessible (free) from international universities.

However, there’s an issue of a digital divide, this pandemic showed us exactly that.

Makovah said:

We've got a two-tier system we've probably got 10% at the most 15 of primary and secondary schools which have actually managed to adapt quite readily with regards to the opportunities of digital education and what the Covid-19 pandemic did is it accelerated that - this has helped them so much they are ahead than others.

Digitalization cuts through all sectors and even goes beyond urban areas, these capabilities improve your life.

Makovah’s advice to the class of 2022 is that they should build on the results that they will receive.

It will be important for teachers to be first upskilled, and in turn, equip their very own students because some teachers are not anti-digital but circumstances have resulted in this.

Every generation is different from the other, the job market and what it requires inevitably change.

The youth is encouraged to teach themselves online, experiment online, and build things online, as means of equipping them either for their own businesses or just obtaining skills that will make one be employable in the formal sector. 

This will make you be able to sell your skill not only in South Africa but also in international spaces.




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