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List Of Qualified Institutions Offering Game Ranger Diplomas

Game Ranger Universities

In order to qualify as a Game Ranger you need to undergo tertiary training at one of the relevant institutions. Many Game Rangers hold Diplomas in Nature Conservation or have degrees majoring in the Natural Sciences. This list is not exhaustive but may provide you with some idea of some of the tertiary courses on offer in the field of Nature Conservation.


Game Ranger Diplomas

It takes a unique type of individual to perform the tasks expected of a field ranger in what are often extreme conditions.

Due to the physical nature of the job a high level of fitness and strength is required.

It is also imperative that those seeking employment as field rangers have adequate security clearance as they will be involved in law enforcement and in some instances will be trained to carry firearms.

Basic training will be needed in order to develop the required skills to operate as a field ranger.

Choosing a reputable training provider is critical. 

Game Rangers' Association of Africa (GRAA) CLICK HERE

Field Guides of South Africa (FGASA) website at CLICK HERE

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