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Learn How To Drive

Do you want to get your driver's licence? Or does the thought of being behind the wheel scare you? Fight your fears and enhance every area of your life through this essential skill.

In your social circle having the ability to drive gives you access to more places and experiences. In the business world having a driver's licence could help you clinch your next job.

Learning how to drive can also be a major confidence booster and a step towards independence.

In order to become a legal driver you will first need to obtain your learner’s licence. Only individuals who are 17 years and older can apply for the learners test at the nearest traffic department.

Applicants are required to have an official South African identity document, two ID-sized black and white photographs and will be expected to pay an application fee. Once you have submitted your form, you will be given a date for your test.

In order to pass your learner’s test you need to study and understand the rules of the road, road markings, road signs and the controls of a vehicle.



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