Knowledge Trust Hosts First Ever Whatsapp Expo


Shakeerah, from Careers Portal, sits down with Min'entle from The Knowledge Trust, to talk about their new WhatsApp Expo! This is the world's first ever WhatsApp Expo and is a 3-month experience covering Guidance, Education, and Employment.


Knowledge Trust is hosting the World's first ever WhatsApp Expo and Careers Portal sat down with them to have a chat all about it.

Young people will will be invited to partake in a gamified journey where they will get access to information and opportunities with South African and Nigerian educators, training providers, and employers.

The expo was launched on 7 October and is completely housed on WhatsApp. The expo will run until January.

The three components of the expo which will run according to a schedule are:

  • Guidance: 4-29 October
    • Made up of general guidance, education guidance and employment guidance
  • Education: 1-26 November
    • Engage with employers and educators who are giving away bursaries
    • Apply for bursaries and learnerships
    • Interact with nano-courses partners
  • Employment: 3-28 January
    • Get access to job applications and other learning opportunities
    • Information about entrepreneurship

Why a WhatsApp expo?

Knowledge Trust started this expo in response to what their users needed. Through a survey done, they found that 99% of them have access to WhatsApp and found WhatsApp data cheaper than normal data. 

89% indicated that they can't afford data to look for opportunities online and can't afford transport costs. 77% don't have mentorship and support to be able to know what to do and where to go.

Min'entle from The Knowledge Trust said:

We always try to encourage our members all the time to engage with us, give us feedback, tell us what actually do you need so that we can create a solution for them.

How To Sign Up For The Expo

  1. Go on WhatsApp
  2. Send a message saying 'expo' to 084 030 9432

Mental Health

Knowledge Trust also included Mental Health in their WhatsApp expo saying that the Mental Health guidance piece was very popular and according to users, was very useful.

They aim to dive deeper into what users' need such as what they need to adjust to new changes and how to move forward.

"There are so many different things that could be affecting their mental health that we want to know because we want to know how we can fill that gap," said Min'entle.

Knowledge Trust's Global Vision

The expo is not only for South Africans but Nigerians as well, as Knowledge Trust has a global vision as they see their community expand.

We know that everyone needs a fair and equal opportunity to reach their full potential so we want to take this everywhere.

With over 400 000 members signed up to their community, this shows how many people are looking for opportunities which Knowledge Trust wants to help with.

Where to find The Knowledge Trust




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