Is Welding A Hard Career?


When you hear the word "welder," perhaps your mind conjures images of a burly man or woman covered in a suit, hunched over an electric arc welder, furiously fusing two pieces of metal together.  Welding is a process that can be used in many different industries. Although the word "welder" might bring to mind someone who works with metal, welding is done in all sorts of industries – from construction to the manufacturing industry.


A welder uses intense heat or a gas to join two pieces of metal together, or fill holes in metal. A welder can work in a number of different roles. For example, they're often found in industrial settings such as construction sites or manufacturing plants. They're also often found working in bridge and shipbuilding industries, working on heavy equipment and large structures. Other welders may specialize in auto body repair, using their skills to fix damaged cars and trucks. Some welders work primarily from home, fabricating small parts for the aerospace and defense industry.

The work itself can be physically demanding, especially if you're working outdoors or on a construction site. Because the role is so versatile, pay and benefits vary depending on the kind of job you do and where you do it.

What is the career path for a welder?

Welders can be commercial or industrial workers who weld components for machinery and buildings, shipbuilders who weld the hulls of ocean-going vessels, automotive workers who weld the parts that make up an engine block, scientists who study welding and materials used to weld with, and much more.

Is welding a good career choice?

You've probably heard from friends or family that welding is an excellent career, but if you've never considered it before, you may be a little skeptical. You might be thinking that it's dirty, tough work or that you can't get into it without a lot of schooling.

Welding is a great career because it can offer so many different benefits and opportunities for self-growth.

However, welder's work can be dangerous if done incorrectly. The process can produce toxic gases like carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide as well as x-rays and high temperatures. If you're interested in becoming a welder there are many things to consider before making the leap into this career path. 




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