Invest In Your Future: Get A Tutor


Whether you are failing your subjects, averaging in class or want to excel, getting a tutor is a great way to boost your results and help you reach your goals.

While good academic results can open the door to meaningful and lucrative careers, for most people it is more like the iron bar holding them back from reaching their dreams. This is especially true for seniors in high school who need to achieve a certain result to enter university or a higher education training programme.

But there is hope for those who want to change their fate. Tutoring offers one-on-one time with students to help root out problem areas. Students are also more inclined to ask questions in a private setting which will speed up their learning and development.

Tutors are experts in their subject matter and are able to guide learners to the right answers and work at a pace that suits the individual.

Below is a list of organisations that offer tutoring services to students with a brief description of each.

Educate SA

Educate SA is an online meeting place for tutors and families seeking tuition. The website caters to families with school-going children of any age, helping them to find tutors for all school subjects including maths, science and accounting. Click link to visit Educate SA website,

Tutor Dynamics

Tutor Dynamics The tutors are carefully screened university students or graduates who excel in their own fields. They cover a wide range of subjects and the tutors are qualified to work with students of all ages and all grade levels. Click link to visit Tutor Dynamics website.

First Tutors

First Tutors provides private tuition at primary, high school and university levels from Pretoria to Cape Town, Durban to Johannesburg. Subjects offered include English, Afrikaans, Maths tuition and a wide variety of other disciplines. They also offer specialised tuition for the National Senior Certificate and other exams. Click link to visit First Tutors website


Teachme2 provides a professional tutoring service to primary and high school students in and around the Pretoria and Johannesburg region. They offer flexible tutoring options to accommodate busy lifestyles, work and family commitments. Tutoring SA also provides a support service for its students. Click link to visit Tutoring SA website.

Master Maths

Master Maths is a progressive method of teaching mathematics which integrates personal contact from tutors with interactive computer lessons. The lessons are authored by highly competent mathematics teachers who interpret the South African curriculum and convert it into a user friendly and easy to understand format. Lesson content is regularly updated according to changes in the curriculum and CAPS document. Click link to visit Master Maths website




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