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How To Succeed In Your First Contact Centre Job

Whether you’re taking a break from studies after high school, or looking for a student job while you kickstart your future career, a contact centre job can give you both an income and flexible working hours.

Knowledge about the product or service

It is essential to have full working knowledge of the product or service your company offers.

Apart from making you sound more professional and trustworthy, having an understanding of the product or service will allow you to fully comprehend a customer’s query and answer it appropriately.

Your company should give you the appropriate training needed on all their products and services, but once-off training is not enough.

Whether your company’s contact centre is inhouse or external through customer management outsourcing, ensure you ask about all new or discontinued products, sales and promotions so that you can offer customers as much relevant information as possible, and even upsell or cross-sell when required.


Nothing can upset a customer more than finding out that what they were told by a previous agent is not true.

Customers will appreciate being told the truth, even if it means they have to wait longer for an answer or a solution.

Whether it’s telling a customer you aren’t an expert on their query and passing them on to a more knowledgeable agent in the right department, or letting them know that their parcel delivery was delayed due to a fault of the company’s and that everything will be done to prioritise delivery, customers appreciate being kept in the loop.

Being honest with customers builds trust and ultimately long-term loyalty with the brand.

While these aren’t the only skills you will need during your time as a contact centre agent, they are vital skills to acquire. Continue to learn and build on these skills and you will succeed as a contact centre agent.

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