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How To Go From Zero To Employed Hero

Being an unemployed graduate is enormously stressful, and an active strategy is required to turn the situation around, an education expert says.

How to go from zero to employed hero

Not only does being qualified yet unable to land a job erode your confidence, but you are likely to also have financial concerns and pressure from family and friends, says Nola Payne, Head of Faculty: Information Technology at The Independent Institute of Education.

She says a key strategy to avoid becoming trapped by the negative experience is to treat the process of looking for work as a job in itself, by dedicating time and energy to it, and doing something every day to take you closer to your dream.

It could be small tasks such as fixing up your CV or registering on new job site, or larger ones such as going to an interview.

Make finding a job a routine and be disciplined about it.

Spend at least two hours a day actively working on your job search, she says.

Payne says it is also common for unemployed graduates to start doubting their abilities.

Many young, inexperienced jobseekers feel this way, but it can also affect others such as those returning to work after a period of staying at home looking after children or those needing to change jobs due to retrenchment.

But Payne says there are a few things individuals can do to improve their chances of securing a job.

Keep building your skills and ensure that your existing skills stay current and relevant. Keep up to date with the latest developments in your sector, as well as the most desired and popular skills at any given time.

Is there new technology that you need to acquaint yourself with? Is there something you keep getting asked about in interviews that you don't know but it seems that you should? You can take a short course or certification to supplement your existing qualifications.

These are often offered in the evenings and Saturdays which would also give you a good opportunity to network with employed people who may have inside information on vacancies in the industry.

Work on your work preparedness by improving your soft skills and making the internet your friend. The internet has great, resources to help prepare you for the workplace.




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