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How to convince your parents of your study choice prospects

convince your parents of your study choice

The choice about what to study and where can be cause for great conflict when the expectations of parents and guardians clash with the dreams and aspirations of young adults preparing to enter higher education and then embark on their chosen career.



The reason for this is often a lack of knowledge and understanding about new and emerging fields on the part of parents, who struggle to visualise their child’s prospects and chances of success outside of the “traditional” path.

“If parents and their children disagree about the child’s study choice and choice of institution, it can make the already stressful situation of applying and entering higher education even more fraught, so it is essential that this issue is sorted out head-on and pro-actively,” says  Natasha Madhav, Senior Head of Programme: Faculty of ICT at The Independent Institute of Education, SA’s largest private higher education provider.

She says parents must make an effort to understand where their child is coming from, and not dismiss their choice out of hand.

“Young people are often more informed about new and emerging careers, particularly in technology-related fields. Couple this with the growing range of higher education institutions, especially those good ones with strong industry connections and work-focused curricula, your child may well be better positioned to make a call on the best road for them for the future,” Madhav says.

However given that there are also chancers in the higher education marketplace, whose offering on paper differs wildly from the actual study experience, and the fact that every year there are bogus colleges popping up, whose qualifications are not worth the paper they are written on, parents and learners must ensure they jointly make a researched, informed call about what to study and where.

Madhav says there are 3 questions learners should be able to answer convincingly, which will give them and their parents peace of mind: the WHAT, the WHY and the WHERE of further study.




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