How To Become A Good Mentor

Monday, 9 November, 2020 - 12:11
Terrique Faro

A mentor is an individual that acts as a coach or advisor that provides guidance, support, and professional knowledge to a mentee from a more experienced perspective. A mentor's core responsibility is to protect the interests of their mentee. A mentor has the responsibility to help you gain professional knowledge and help develop your skillset to achieve your personal or career goals in life. As a mentor, they can help you network with industry leaders and work towards bettering yourself as an individual. 

Investing your time into building a mentor/mentee relationship can be both beneficial and rewarding to your career.

The benefits of being a mentor:

  • Improving your communication and personal skills
  • Developing leadership and management qualities
  • Beneficial information that can be added to your CV
  • Increase your level of confidence and motivation
  • Adding value to another person’s life
  • Creates a sense of self-fulfillment and personal growth 
  • Gaining recognition from others for your skills and experience

What qualities should you look for in a mentor?

Compatibility - It can take a while to get to know someone personally. When looking for a mentor make sure that you are looking for someone that you can have a genuine relationship with. Ensure that you not only find someone with the knowledge and experience but shares your common core values and beliefs. 

Trust - It is important that you are able to find a mentor that you feel comfortable and confident in sharing personal information. It may take a while to build the level of trust within the relationship, however, look for someone that you can establish mutual respect and understanding. 

Open-minded - As a mentor, they should be providing answers from different viewpoints. It is important that your mentor approaches the relationship with an open mind and tries to keep their own thoughts, value systems, and prejudices aside.

Active listener - A mentor should be someone that listens to understand and not just to respond. Being an active listener is one of the most common and important skills that everyone needs.

The benefits of being a mentee:

  1. Gaining advice, encouragement and support from your mentor
  2. Learning from the experiences of others
  3. Increase your self-confidence
  4. Developing your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
  5. Become empowered to making informed decisions 
  6. Developing coping mechanisms for personal or academic issues
  7. Identify your goals and establish a sense of direction

Behind every successful person, there is a mentor that has helped them along the way. Mentoring as a student can be a pivotal and life-changing experience as it allows you to continually enhance your skills as well as personal development. 

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