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How To Become A Game Ranger


If you have a passion for the protection of our wildlife and other natural resources, there are various career opportunities in nature conservation you can choose from.

How To Become A Game Ranger

South Africa’s natural beauty is well known all over the world and our national parks and game reserves are some of the most visited tourist attractions.

Protecting our natural environment and resources is important and the survival of our threatened flora and fauna depends on it. It also creates jobs in the tourism and conservation industries which benefits our economy.

Threatened or endangered species which is on the brink of extinction, should be protected from poaching and smuggling.


Rangers, also known as conservation officers, game rangers or game wardens, work hard to protect wildlife and natural resources. They’re at the forefront of protecting our natural heritage. Rangers risk their personal safety and health to protect the natural environment of our province and country.

Roles in nature conservation:

Guides (including safari, field or nature guides): They guide visitors through nature by foot, vehicle, horseback, etc. They act as a link between the guests and nature and help to educate those visiting game parks and other protected nature sanctuaries.

Rangers:  They don’t deal with guests but are involved in the conservation and management of wildlife.

Some of their duties include:

  • Population control.
  • Veterinary aspects of the wildlife.
  • Breeding capabilities and control.
  • Fencing and road maintenance.
  • Fire control.
  • The invasion of alien plans.

Field rangers: They normally work in protected areas.

Their duties include:

  • Law enforcement and anti-poaching duties.
  • Environmental education and youth development.
  • Environmental control officer duties.
  • Assist with tourism activities.
  • Survey and map alien vegetation.
  • Wildfire management and suppression.
  • Ecological monitoring.
  • Conduct field and marine surveys.
  • Additional duties as needed.

So how do you become a ranger?




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