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How Do I Become A Train Driver?


Train drivers play an important role in the transport sector as they are responsible for moving people and goods safely from point A to point B. Have you ever dreamed of driving a train? Find out what it takes to qualify.

How do I become a train driver?

There are two types of trains that require skilled and experienced drivers. Freight trains deliver goods while commuter trains transport passengers.

Train drivers, especially those who steer commuter trains have a major responsibility to their communities, as the lives of commuters are placed in their hands on a daily basis.

For this reason drivers must be physically fit and healthy and able to make quick, responsible decision.

Both sets of drivers must be willing to work long and unusual hours on local or national routes.

To become a qualified driver students must possess a National Diploma for Train Drivers (NQF Level 5) or similar qualification.

The minimum entry requirements for a train driver course may differ depending on your chosen training programme.


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