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Even the most experienced or qualified people battle to stay positive when looking for a job. HR specialist Patricia Frame suggests ways to keep up flagging spirits and be motivated and prepared for every employment opportunity.

Staying positive means ‘taking care of yourself and not just the job search’ says Frame. Many people become so focused on finding employment it starts to take over their entire existence. This leads to an emotional imbalance, stress and constant frustration.

Frame points out the emotional highs and lows of looking for work. ‘You get that call from a potential job and you’re high’ she says, however when the interview does not come through individuals are likely to hit rock bottom in an instant. ‘Then there are days when nobody calls and you just feel terrible’. This is the reality of the emotional rollercoaster that millions must face daily.

So how do unemployed individuals maintain a healthy perspective and sustained equilibrium? Frame recommends ‘getting some exercise’. This is a common and well known stress –reliever yet many overlook this simple technique for staying positive. The benefits are two-fold. Exercising is an anti-depressant and releases feel-good chemicals in the body while ‘getting out and getting some fresh air helps you to feel better physically’.

‘Make some time for fun’ advocates Frame. People tend to steer away from this idea, believing that fun equals money, and at a time when money is scarce any perceived expense is immediately dismissed.

Frame recommends ‘getting together with some friends’ or ‘going for a picnic’ as inexpensive ways to relax and enjoy life. Visiting local art museums or reading a good book are also activities which alleviate stress without any cost. ‘Pick something that you enjoy’ and make time for it during your job search period, stresses Frame.

Connect with friends by giving them a call or going for a cup of coffee says the HR expert. ‘Be sure you are connecting with human beings who are not in the moment of your job search connections’. This gives individuals an opportunity to move out of that intense job search frame of mind into a neutral, rejuvenating and objective thinking space.

According to Frame ‘you can also help other people’ particularly those who are looking for a job too. It is a good idea to use this time to ‘volunteer at a local charity or offer your services as a tutor’. A big part of the negative feelings that arise during unemployment stem from warped perceptions that without a conventional job we are no longer capable of contributing to society in a meaningful way. For this reason it is important to assist your community, as Frame asserts, ‘helping others helps you to feel better’.

In addition these constructive, selfless activities will be useful during interviews when asked to describe your period of unemployment.

Frame reminds unemployed individuals not to be ashamed about the current situation and instead ‘reach out to family and friends and ask for their help’. These practical steps will help to fight the blues, and ward off negative thoughts and feelings during this difficult time and remain positive.

According to the experts potential employers are going to be far more attracted to people who are positive and upbeat than those who have resigned themselves to long term unemployment. A positive attitude may be just what you need to cross the threshold into the working world.

By Cindy Payle







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