Department of Labour Provides A Free of Charge Employment Service To The Public

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Countries worldwide offer a free of charge public employment service to the public. This service has many benefits, such as lowering the unemployment rate, ensuring work-seekers improve their quality of life through earning an income and being happy and productive in their employment.

Employers on the other hand, are assisted to find work-seekers who best meet their recruitment requirements. Employment equity goals are also served, since public employment services take special steps to ensure people from diverse designated groups are prepared and assisted to find work. 

Department of Labour's Public Employment services for South Africa System

Purpose: Provide assistance to companies and workers to adjust to changing labour market conditions and to regulate private employment agencies. Assists companies in distress, provides a social plan and regulates private employment agencies and Temporary Employment Services.

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Work-Seeker Services focus on the unemployed and assisting them to enter work and skills development opportunities, as well as to access some additional value-add services that will prepare them for work. Work-Seeker Services include the following:


  • Work-seeker and opportunity registration on the Employment Services system of South Africa (ESSA): The Department of Employment and Labour has an electronic job-matching system, the Employment Services system of South Africa (ESSA). Work-seekers can register their personal details, skills, qualifications and work experience on ESSA. Employers can register their employment and skills development opportunities on ESSA
  • Referral for placement into work and skills development: The Department’s staff will perform job-matching, screening and in some cases psychometric assessment, to assist the unemployed to find work and ensure employers find suitable work-seekers that meet their recruitment criteria
  • Employment counselling, career information and employability enhancement: Unemployed work-seekers are assisted with employment counselling to find a new career or skills development opportunity. Clients who have come to a career crossroad and do not know where to advance from their current position, whether moving up in their career, choosing a different career, choosing a first career, are assisted with career choice. Careers information is provided on different careers and the careers for which human resources cannot be found easily. The unemployed can also receive a variety of life skills programmes to enhance their employability, such as CV-writing, interview preparation, work ethics and entrepreneurship
  • Referral to Special Employment Programmes: The Special Employment Programmes focus
    on special groups of the community and addresses their special needs. It is foreseen that these
    programmes will be expanded in the future.



Employer services refers to the services that the Public Employment Services can provide to
employers. They are:

  • Recruitment and selection of human resources for employers
  • Unemployed persons will be recruited according to the employer’s selection criteria from ESSA
  • Canvassing of vacancies: relationships are established with employers to ensure that they use
  • Public Employment Services as a source of recruitment
  • Recommendations on foreign labour recruitment: Public Employment Services provides advice on the recruitment of foreign labour to protect the interests of South African citizens
  • Registration of private employment agencies: Public Employment Services registers private employment agencies, to ensure standards in service-delivery and to protect work-seekers
  • Services to companies in distress (Social Plan and Training Lay-off Scheme): Public Employment Services provide social plan services to companies in distress, by assisting them with referrals for turn-around strategies, training of the affected staff to rejoin the labour market, and a Training Lay-off Scheme, where human resources opt for a shorter work week and receive training instead of being retrenched
  • Provision of a management service to the Employment Services Board: The Employment Services Board will advise the Minister and Deputy Minister of Employment and Labour about Public Employment Services matters and will be established from different relevant constituencies.


Provincial Offices

  • Eastern Cape Provincial Office (043) 701 3128
  • Free State Provincial Office (051) 505 6200
  • Gauteng Provincial Office (011) 853 0300
  • KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Office (031) 366 2000
  • Limpopo Provincial Office (015) 290 1744
  • Mpumalanga Provincial Office (013) 655 8700
  • North West Provincial Office (018) 387 8100
  • Northern Cape Provincial Office (053) 838 1500
  • Western Cape Provincial Office (021) 441 8000


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