Crypto Jobs On The Rise: MobiJobs Gig Economy


MobiJobs is Africa's first ever crypto powered gig economy. It is a the micro jobs platform powered by the SAFCOIN mobile crypto payment wallet. MobiJobs aims to connect buyers and sellers across the world. Whether you’re looking to earn, gain experience or build your career, MobiJobs puts you in touch with buyers locally and across the world.

The objective of this platform is to provide potential clients to buyers and allows ease of access for sellers to find what they need at their fingertips. MobiJobs is truly reinventing the job market. We deeply believe in the growing role of the gig economy in society and MobiJobs is at the heart of helping this section of society grow.

Are you interested in becoming a buyer? MobiJobs puts you in touch with freelancers throughout Africa to find the right person to complete virtually any job using their mobile. The platform is free to use, allowing you to focus your budget on what really matters – getting the job done. Need something done?

1. Find the job you need and buy it.
2. Get location specific jobs or search worldwide.
3. Get it done.
4. Rate the seller.

Are you interested in becoming a seller or interested in putting your talents to work? MobiJobs makes it easy for anyone in Africa to list a job. Perhaps you have one specific skill, or maybe you have plenty… whatever they are, convert your skills into singular tasks, list up to 5 tasks free and enjoy a global presence to start earning. Whether you’re looking to earn, gain experience or build your career, MobiJobs puts you in touch with buyers locally and across the world.

You'll be able to:

1. Create your very own seller profile
2. Work from anywhere, anytime
3. Accept payments easily with the crypto powered wallet

When you join MobiJobs, your wallet is automatically created and facilitates payment between buyer and seller. All MobiJobs transactions are facilitated by the SAFCOIN crypto wallet. When you register to become a buyer or seller (or both), your SAFCOIN crypto wallet is automatically created and linked up with your MobiJobs profile. This means that high transaction fees are eliminated and anyone can buy or sell a job – online. The result is free transactions and anyone in Africa without a bank account can enjoy MobiJobs’ offerings.

Whatever your talent, get paid for it online. MobiJobs is there to help you grow.

Check out their website or sign up by visiting this link:




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